8 seed on either playoff bracket

Basically, molasses and water and a sifter (the original batch size is gigantic) of hops taste nuke it until there zero flavor from the hops, just bittering, and ferment. Doing some very rough math on the hops available in that era, how much they would have oxidized, the size of a sifter, and the size of the batch, I came out to around 20 25 IBU, but the error bars on that are very, very large. Anywhere from 15 to 50 would probably be valid, and I sure it was never quite the same batch to batch.

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You buy your child a cell phone and suddenly you communicate. You call to say you’re running to the store. They call to say they are going to the park. Luckily. Dda didnt get majority so there is hope. I cannot believe theres 7% of people who are just straight up voting for facists.

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