Anguish to be rid of these debts leads to desperate

Today Paper would have done anything to save her daughter. Jessica McLennan, 23, was a nurse, who was giving and kind. For three days Jess was in hospital, her mother hoping for the best. Exorbitant interest rates are charged (up to 20 percent per month), and money lent for future needs is added to the debt.Sometimes these debts last a few years, and sometimes they are passed on to future generations if the original borrower perishes without having repaid the debt.Centuries ago, debt bondage existed across the world from the American South to Medieval Europe to Tokugawa Japan. Social revolution and transition to market economies largely dissolved the system throughout the world, except for South Asia.There, the system persists due to a highly pernicious cocktail of forces, including immense poverty, acute caste and gender discrimination, social apathy, corruption, and a global economy that scours the globe for the lowest cost of production possible.The desperation of the bonded laborers I met across South Asia is acute.Anguish to be rid of these debts leads to desperate measures, including the sale of cheap nfl jerseys kidneys, the sale of children to human traffickers, or suicide.For the sake of the millions of outcast and destitute debt bondage slaves in South Asia like Nirmala, the need to eradicate this feudal system of slave like exploitation could not be greater.I felt very sad about all these. I wish i can help them.

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