As cases spike, states are leaning towards

Metro systems in big cities like New York, London, Barcelona, Seoul and Beijing have remained open through the Covid crisis although ridership has plummeted. As cases spike, states are leaning towards tightening borders, serving little purpose other than aggravating migrant distress and delaying economic revival. The Delhi NCR belt spanning cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad across three states is in reality a seamless economic zone.

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It seems that a drug that is being used to fight blood clots might be able to be used to treat the respiratory symptoms of COVID 19. I have some experience with blood thinning medications. When I was working in that hospital, part time during the school year and full time in the summer, I was also attending college.

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While the IOC is only being fair to allow athletes and teams who’ve already qualified for the Games to keep their entries the decision means that in many of those cases, like quota spots for sports like rowing, the performances that earned those places will be two years old in 2021. It also means that athletes who likely would have qualified this spring, might not a year from now, which is one reason why the IOC has given the national Olympic committees the option of making roster changes. FIFA, the world soccer federation, has changed the age limit for the men’s tournament to 24 (with three exceptions) from 23.

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