But NOAA has very good records over the last century

16th March 2011Quote: “We’re two thirds of the way through the school year (and) he’s had a fractured leg, a fractured arm, separated shoulder and, most recently and currently, a busted lip. He has these accidents and apparently, the way he tells it, it’s never his fault. It always just happens to him.” Ryan Phillippe admits his son Deacon is accident prone..

This year has also been a year of floods in the Mississippi River valley. Unfortunately, our medical professionals now parrot the idea that floods and droughts are more extreme than in past years. But NOAA has very good records over the last century for the portion of the continental US that is either very wet or very dry, using a metric called the Palmer Drought Index.

Bravo! A standing ovation from this ole cowboy! Raised 9 kids and all of them waited for the right one and married before having shared any favors! Oh wait I still have 3 not married. But I am sure they will do the same. I think it must be their Mother’s influence on them! I think there are still those conservative types out there that quietly go along living their lives with integrity.

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Went into the second quarter with the mindset that we can compete and we have to compete or we not going to win this game. We knew what was on the line. Shore was taking over, but the game tying score remained elusive. Hikers on Mount Marcy, which often sees more than 100 people on the summit at one time. But as mentioned above, if the one you wish to go to has a full parking lot or too many people, have a Plan B for another trail. DEC controlled fire towers are closed until further notice.

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