I got the series on DVD from the BBC

Apple may be on the verge of gaining two key television network agreements, according to The Wall Street Journal. Specifically, CBS and Walt Disney (which runs ABC) are said to be considering a proposal by Apple to offer a subscription based TV service over the Internet. Presumably, this would work through iTunes like all of Apple based content, but also presumably it would work over Apple Apple TV device (though maybe a new version of it) to bring this content into the living room, where people are used to consuming it.

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It hasn been shown here, on BBC America, and sadly the video excerpts on the show homepage won play outside the UK. There are YouTube clips, though. I got the series on DVD from the BBC, and quite honestly, I was knocked out. The Seahawks ran for 218 yards, the second most the Vikings have allowed in Mike Zimmer’s six seasons (behind only the 230 they gave up in 2015’s season opening loss in San Francisco). As Zimmer pointed out after the game, the Seahawks did get 29 of them on a fake punt. But even without that play, the other 189 yards would have ranked as the fourth most allowed by a Zimmer coached team..

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