Kind of crazy to imagine how we used to find out

With President Clinton’s deposition in the Paula Jones case less than a week away, Linda Tripp contacts Starr’s team to tell them the President and Monica plan to lie under oath. Starr and the FBI wire Linda Tripp for a private meeting with Monica Lewinsky. Two days later Lewinsky is detained by FBI agents at the Pentagon Mall and interrogated for nearly 12 hours by prosecutors from the Office of Independent Counsel who try to convince her to cooperate with their investigation or face possible jail time..

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cheap jerseys The players cite a number of reasons for this renewed interest in broader causes. Social media, for one, has forced them to become more aware of the world around them, ensuring that even the tight bubble of the locker room is punctured by the latest viral police shooting. Kind of crazy to imagine how we used to find out information, Paul tells TIME. cheap jerseys

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Edmonton had no clue how to protect him when he was their quarterback. Their offensive coaches never schemed the protection up right. Ray hates pressure right up the middle. Lot of times you take kids and you their best option, Wernicki said. Has made no bones about it. He wanted to go there from day one.

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