Notes: Penguins captain Sidney Crosby five game

Sopel is +7 this year (1st amongst D Men in ATL) and ranks 7th in the NHL in the blocked shots category with 130. It is expected that the Montreal Canadiens will annnounce the end of Jaroslav Spacek 2011 campaign. Spacek has not returned due to a lower body injury and the Habs management has been mum on his condition; a glaring indication via the recent acquisitions on the blue line (Mara via Anaheim, Sopel via Thrashers) in the last few days..

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I know they wouldn call it a goal if it wasn but one camera angle shows it in and one doesn From my view, I been scored on like that and I was above that, so I don see it going in. Notes: Penguins captain Sidney Crosby five game multi point streak ended. Crosby did appear in his 902nd career game.

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