“That all changed with the bypass and we don have

Knows how to put on championship events. I sure when Dallas arrives he see the course and want to be in the Grand Final. 6,000 athletes will converge on Edmonton to compete in the various support races to the men and women showcase races. “That all changed with the bypass and we don have the trucks going through town, which is a good thing. The freeway has connected us with Canberra and Sydney and we only 90 minutes from the South Coast.” ALSO READ: Stabbing at Yass: Man appears in Goulburn Court on murder charge As part of the Police Rescue squad for five years, he took part in many rescues, including an eight hour operation at Bungonia Gorge where he abseiled 40 metres to help retrieve two people trapped in a cave. Chief Inspector Sheehan also started the police bicycle squad in Goulburn, before it was formalised, and was a weapons trainer for 10 years.

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