The swimming pools in my city or across the river

They’re appearing on Zoom calls with bushy beards and, if they’re brave enough, buzzed heads. Those are minor inconveniences, the stuff of Twitter one liners and memes, manageable until the country returns to normal. However, many of the people who provide those services can’t afford to wait it out..

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As time has worn on and modern society began coming to grips with its history of racism, it became easy for younger generations to associate any form of prejudice as ‘Nazis’. They also came to equate over bearing and corrupt governmental institutions with Nazism or Fascism. This was birthed during the turbulent era of the 1960’s where progressive change was at war with conservative values and the Vietnam War..

Harrod is about to open a new hotel. His block on East Market Street was built in units arranged especially for hotel purposes and he has decided to go into the hotel business himself, the Lima Times Democrat reported on April 24, 1894, adding, first only furnished rooms will be rented but the purpose is later on to put in kitchen utensils and run a regular hotel. Promotional flyer from the 1890s touted the hotel spacious, well lighted and pleasant guest rooms as well as thoroughly equipped bar and lunch counter, at which the eatables and drinkables, and the service are first class in the best sense of the word.

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