There are only so many mouths to feed with the wide

The economy would be worse. It would be hot all dayThis essay told you about the differences between the Sahara desert and the rainforest. I believe that the rainforest is better than the desert. Are we lucky or what? Philadelphia has always been a city of song, from the days when the Founding Fathers hoisted mugs in its taverns to today, when local lass Taylor Swift is at the top of the pop charts though not on this list. Because to be on this list, you have to have one of the finest singing voices ever to have let freedom ring in this town. Here, in ascending order, are the 13 best singers who’ve called Philly home..

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We shared this story and the bouquet and we asked people to send us a flower back by email so that we could make a bigger bouquet and share that Bouquet of Hope. Within a couple of days, we received hundreds of emails with different flowers and messages. That is when we decided to make it available to everybody because for the first time, the whole world was in a similar situation.

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