While there, they were given the very suitcase that

“Waiting times continue to be a challenge for our health system,” Ms Stephen Smith said. “We know there is more work to be done to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of Canberrans in regard to accessing timely healthcare.” Opposition health spokeswoman Vicki Dunne said Canberra used to have one of the best performing emergency departments in the country, but now had the worst performing yet most expensive. “Labor priorities are perversely wrong,” she said.

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cheap canada goose uk Photo: Supplied by Chris Clark)While most of us have heard of the fabled reef and some of us have possibly even dreamed of one day finding it (although some say it’s impossible to find something that doesn’t exist), one man particularly familiar with the story, or at least until recently he thought he was, is renowned Canberra historian Chris Clark.So imagine Clark’s surprise when in 2010, out of the blue he was contacted by filmmaker Luke Walker alerting him to a possible link between his late Swedish grandfather Olof Johanson (who at the time he knew little about) and Lasseter’s Reef.”Luke was researching for a documentary Lasseter’s Bones (released in 2013) and wanted to talk about two pieces of correspondence he had uncovered between Lasseter and my grandfather,” recalls Clark.”One was a telegram sent on 16 June 1930 by Olof on receiving a letter from Lasseter probably in reply to a letter Olof had sent stating that he also knew the location of the reef, and the other was a letter in July 1930 in which it appears that Olof was responding to an approach by Lasseter to assist him in the capacity as a guide in trying to ‘relocate’ the lost reef,” explains Clark.It was a revelation that propelled Clark on a journey of discovery, an odyssey of epic proportions which he has carefully chronicled in his newbook: Olaf’s Suitcase: Lasseter’s Reef Mystery Solved (Echo Books). Did his grandfather really know the location of Lasseter’s lost reef, and how? And, what became of the offer to join Lasseter on his ill fated 1930 expedition?The gold trail eventually led Clark to return to Sweden last year with his brother to visit his grandfather’s grave and meet surviving members of his family. While there, they were given the very suitcase that Olof carried with him when he returned home from Australia 65 years earlier. cheap canada goose uk

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canada goose https://www.pick-canadagoose.com canada goose uk outlet But just staying ready to do whatever they come up with,” lock Caderyn Neville said.”Normally you’ve got games to focus on, but at least we can keep some structure in our life to come in here and keep things ticking along.”Cricket ACT cancels grand final’The impact would be dire’: Ricky Stuart’s fearsRaiders set for private jet to Gold Coast gamePlayers in the NRL and AFL are being confronted with the possibility of having to take a pay cut if games cannot continue.Super Rugby players will be in the same position, and could be more vulnerable given they are the only winter competition to suspend matches so far.Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle said: “There’s no reason why [the players] won’t be continued to be paid at the moment.”That’s why it’s important to make sure we continue to deliver our content to broadcasters. They’ve got a situation as broadcasters where content is falling over. So giving them an option they can engage with is important.”Neville added: “[Pay cuts] haven’t come up and I’m not sure the timing of when money comes in or out. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose store The short answer is no. We want people in this situation those who have tested positive to COVID 19 or are awaiting test results to remain in their houses, preferably in the bedroom and avoid interacting beyond those four walls. You should avoid interacting with delivery people canada goose store.

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